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TheFreeFolower are giving away an amazing and epic service unlike any other, some people think we are crazy for doing such a thing but we think different. We are merely a small business that strives to make people happy, there are so many fake sites that promise a service like ours so we wanted to prove that this can actually be done!

By using our service you can get followers on Instagram completely free of charge, these are not your usual followers without posts of profile pictures these are something completely different. We only use profiles which are genuine and have posts as well as profile pictures, when using our service there is nothing to worry about as we don’t break any T&C’s.

Interesting facts about our followers

Before you get started we would like you to check out some of these interesting facts.

  • All followers are real and active, this means no fake profiles without pictures!
  • Minimum of 2 hours delivery time (usually shorter for smaller packages)
  • We do not require you to follow anyone else meaning this is a non followback service
  • We don’t ask for your password so your account is always safe in your hands
  • Everything on this site is 100% free, you won’t even have to pay a dime
  • Your account will not get banned using our service, you have nothing to worry about

REAL Client Reviews

By now I’m sure your eager to get yours but quickly check out some of these reviews. These are real people who have used our service and are happy to share there results with everyone. 




I selected 8,000 free followers on Instagram as I needed some extra help getting my page popular, 2 hours later the full 8 thousand was delivered. Now my page looks popular thanks to you guys. I can’t believe people buy instagram followers when you can get them cost free right here!




I just got myself 30,000 FREE Instagram followers! The whole process was so simple that anyone could do it, the best part about it is that all them are actually active and occasionally like my photo! I have always wanted more followers on Instagram and now my dream has come true!




This website is absolutely amazing, I cant believe that you guys are giving away all these followers, I managed to grab 10k of them without any problems, I had to complete a simple offer and I had the full amount delivered within a couple of hours. Don’t knock it before you try it, Thanks TFF!

How do I get my followers?

Simply input your IG username in the box provided and press the “Submit”  button, you will then be redirected to another page where you can select how many followers you want.

Please ensure that the username you enter is correct

Enter Username:

Your information is safe!

Please remember that any information you give us is kept safe in our database and will never be shared or sold to anybody.

Please remember to submit a review after you have used our service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving away all this away for free?!

This question has been asked so many times so we thought we would explain it in a FAQ section. In 2013 we had a business in which we sold Instagram followers to the general public, everything was going well and we was turning over a lot of profit but as time went on things took a turn for the worse. Other businesses started providing the same service we did but at a much cheaper rate, but you know what comes with a cheaper rate? That’s right cheaper followers and a nice ban to go with it, the competitors slowly drowned us out by attacking our site and leaving us fake bad reviews. We decided to close down our business but we was left with a ton of followers what we had nothing to do with. We tried selling the followers but the whole process was taking so long so we decided to give them all away. Well that’s it now you know everything about TheFreeFollower.

Can this get my account banned?

In simple terms – not a chance in hell! When using our service your account will always remain safe and free from any of them nasty bans. We have been sending followers since 2001 and since that time not a single one of our customers have had there account banned.

By now I hope you have a pretty good understanding on what our website provides but if you need anymore information please remember that you can always contact us.

Instagram trademark is not owned by us and it is a property of their respective owners, we are in no way affiliated with them.

Before you go check out some more of these testimonials and don’t forget to leave your own!

I’ve been searching google for a site like and I can’t believe i have finally found one, I used this site and claimed 30,000 followers for Instagram. The process is so simple that anyone can do it – Thanks! 🙂

Sharon Hoffman
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After: 30.1k

At first I didn’t think this service would work as I had to complete an offer but what can I loose so I gave it a try, I selected 15,000 auto followers instagram and a couple of hours later my account was popular!

Before 1,200
After: 15.4k

Who ever owns this website is awesome, I would like to personally thank you for showing me how to get instagram followers, I used your service and got just over 8 thousand this would normally have cost me a bomb – Thanks!

Before: 195
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