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Instagram is gaining a lot of popularity every day and the more the followers you have, the more efficient it is. This is chiefly the case when you have a business that uses social media platforms as a method of product promotion. Instagram has over 90 million people and the numbers increases daily. Promoting a business to such a huge audience is a perfect idea for the growth of the business. The more popular your account is, the better the results. Getting a lot of followers on Instagram takes a lot of time, and you may not be having that time. You may want followers as fast as possible. In that case, you are in the right place. The easiest way to get followers instantly is when there is someone in between you and the followers, and in that case The Free follower is the perfect option.

Many services that offer to give free followers and they seem to be the same. However, The Free Follower has something unique. All clients are cared for and the followers offered are real. The followers will not just increase the numbers, but work for both you and your business. The free follower offers free Instagram followers to anyone at any time and anywhere.

All packages will be suggested to you, and you choose the one that suits you. The process of ordering is quite fast and easy. No private information is required, only your Instagram username. When you have just started on Instagram, posting photos can be quite depressing. Your excitement and hard work may be met by a few likes from some followers. You may be disappointed and discouraged to go on posting your photos and products from your business even if you are aware of all possible advantages of social media marketing. When you are successful with your initiative of starting an account in Instagram and getting plenty of followers, you can be assured of succeeding in your business.

Why give out followers?

Most people are afraid that free Instagram followers are a scam, and it is a way to hack you. Most websites offering free followers only want to install dangerous software and steal your credentials. However at The Free Follower, they are totally true and have no motives to hack your account. You may be wondering why the followers are given for free. Here is the reason. In 2011, the followers were being sold. The company was making huge profits. Two years later, many other companies discovered the trade and started selling followers.

The competition became very stiff, and it was difficult to sell followers. In the long run, other firms took over the market and the company could no longer make profits. Therefore, the company was stopped, and there were many accounts of Instagram. Selling the accounts would take ages and in the long run, the company would not have made a lot of profits. That is when the idea of giving them for free was implemented.

Does your instagram account stand a risk to be banned?

This company does not violate any Instagram’s terms and conditions. This means that your account does not stand a chance of being banned or disabled. From the time the company was selling followers, not even a single client has complained about their accounts being banned.

Steps to get started

Enter your username over on our Instagram followers page, see the picture below for reference

username field


After you submit your username you will be redirected to another page, please ensure you see this green tick bar below.

green tick bar


Scroll down to the package selection and select which package you would like.



Complete a simple human verification test, this is to make sure you are human and not a bot. When the test is finished we will begin sending your followers.



Congratulations, if you have followed all the steps our automated system will now be sending you followers shortly.

Your information is secure with the firm

Bear in mind that all the information you will give will be secure in the database of the company. It will not be transferred or traded to anyone. Your password is not one of the requirements to get free followers. The company’s delivery method is the safest and is done within 3 hours.

All the followers are active. You are not required to follow anyone. The followers are free of charge. The company only requires you to leave a review after you have acquired free followers. The company has been getting a lot of users and is currently planning to get a package selection of 20,000 followers. The highest number of followers offered at the moment is 30,000 These followers help people who are not so famous get many followers to like their posts.

The free follower offers you an offer of a lifetime. It works and works very fast. No downloads are required; all you need is access to the website. Above all, it is 100% safe.


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